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Internet providers in Switzerland

It can be difficult to choose an internet provider when you just moved to Switzerland. There are a lot of different internet providers in Switzerland. Fortunately, almost all internet service providers in Switzerland provide good and stable internet connection. Comparing Swiss internet providers can take up a lot of your time. With our tips we will try to ensure that you will sign-up for a subscription that fits to your needs. It is possible to get high-speed internet access through different internet connections like; fibre optic, DSL, cable or wireless. The prices of an internet package can vary widely depending on Internet speed and usage.

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* The all in 1 package contains internet, tv and phone connections

All these internet service providers in Switzerland offer different kind of discounts and package deals. Do you want to know which Internet providers offers the best connection in your area? We listed the best internet providers in Switzerland below. These internet providers offer stable internet connection and good customer service.

Types of internet usage

Everybody uses the internet for different purposes and in a different way. We categorized three different internet groups in order to know what kind of internet subscription you will need.

1. The internet surfer: using the internet for surfing the web, Facebook, Google or Youtube- you should have enough with 20 Mbit/s of download speed.

2. The streamer: using the internet for watching Netflix, Spotify and Youtube on a daily basis- you should have enough with the 60 Mbit/s package.

3. The gamer: using the Internet to play high defention games – or you don’t want to have slow internet ever again – you should go for the 100 – 500 Mbit/s package. However, the 100-500 Mbit/s option can often only be booked if you have optical fiber connection.

Have you found yourself in one of the above-mentioned categories? The next step would be to decide which Swiss internet service provider you want to use. We have listed all internet service providers for you below. All these internet providers are reliable and offer transparent contracts to non-Swiss speakers and expats.

Internet providers Switzerland overview

What are the best Swiss internet operators? And, which of them offers the best network coverage in Switzerland? We have listed below the most frequently used and most reliable Swiss operators.

The best internet providers in Switzerland


Yallo internet provider Aloa is a comparison platform where you can easily compare internet deals between different internet providers. You can find your perfect plan within 5 minutes. The full process is digital, meaning that customers can do the verification and sign the contract digitally. Aloa tries to provide the best prices on the market so customers save up to 60%, because they have reduced unnecessary costs like activation fees and/or SIM card costs. In many cases, additional to the special discounts on alao, they offer cashbacks for products. Have a look on their website (which is also available in English


Yallo internet provider Yallo is one is the most used internet provider by Swiss expats. Why? Because they offer clear and attractive contracts to non Swiss speakers. You do not have to pay for an electrician and you can get connected really easy. This probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to receive a 4G internet connection in Switzerland. One thing is for sure, it is definitely one of the cheapest internet provider and it is used by most expats. Yallo is an excellent alternative to a normal fixed line connection. You can compare their services with other operators on their website when you scroll down. Another benefit? Their website is also in English – see the top right corner.


Swisscom internet providerWingo internet is a relatively new player which is disrupting the ISP (Internet Service Provider) market. They offer mainly glass fiber and you can easily check the availability online when you fill in your postal code. With glasfiber comes maximum 1 Gbit/s upload and download speed – which is really fast. Also there is no minimum contract period ands free installation of the fiber cable. It is however possible that you can’t receive glass fiber connection because it is not available in some of the more remote areas of Switzerland. No worries, they also offer DSL. Internet access is provided exclusively via the Swisscom network. Wingo guarantees on the fiber optic network an Internet speed of 500 Mbit / s upload and download. Have a look on the website of Wingo which internet speed you can receive.


UPC internet provider UPC is with 1.4 million users the largest internet provider in Switzerland. They provide internet, television a telephone services for Swiss inhabitants. UPC is one of the top providers when it comes to package deals. UPC combines package deals with broadband, mobile subscription and television connection at reduced costs. They own, like Swisscom, a large optical fiber network and you can check on their website if you can apply for optical fiber connection in your area. UPC currently offers excellent bundles, where you get internet, tv and calling minutes in one package. You can change your subscription to suit your needs. This means that you can add your desired TV channels, select the right fixed network offer or add a mobile subscription. You can easily order the UPC bundles online. UPC enables you to watch online TV immediately after you sign-up and connect your box within 1 to 2 days’ time.

How to choose the best provider in Switzerland

Selecting a new Internet plan in Switzerland is straightforward and may be completed entirely online; however, checking in-store for discounts and freebies is always a good idea. A specific Internet plan may also be included in some rental agreements, or when a renter changes addresses, they may be able to switch to the prior tenants’ package.

Switzerland has a network of reputable Internet service providers that are registered and authorized. However, some businesses do offer the Internet on their own. Most businesses are still bound to broadband, TV, and telephone package systems. In contrast to other utilities, you can pick whatever provider you like.

Selecting an internet provider when you’ve just moved to Switzerland can be challenging. In Switzerland, there are numerous internet service providers. Thankfully, Switzerland has practically all of the best and most reliable internet companies. However, comparing Swiss internet service providers can take a lot of time.